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Touch the tips of the thumb and the index finger with each other, keeping the remaining three fingers straight.

  • The brain nerves become strong. Headache, insomnia, and stress are removed. It destroys anger. For better results, perform Prana mudra after this mudra.
  • It helps develop the stages of Dharna and meditation. Concentration improves and negative thoughts get reduced.
  • It increases the memory power, therefore, its regular practice makes the children become intelligent and bright.

Joining the index finger with the root of the thumb and putting slight pressure on it with the thumb results in Vayu Mudra. The remaining three fingers should be kept straight.
Regular practice of this mudra eliminates all vayu related problems - gout, arthritis, joints pain, paralysis, parkinson, sciatica, knee pain and gas formation like diseases. Provides relief in the pain of the neck and spine. The disorders relating to blood circulation are removed.


The middle finger represents the space element, this finger is touched at the root of the thumb and light pressure applied with the thumb. The remaining fingers should be kept straight.
This mudra cures secretion from the ears, ear pain, deafness and hearing impairment problem, etc. if practiced at least one hour daily, continuously over a long period. It cures weakness of bones and heart diseases. The gums become strong and benefit is obtained in throat diseases and thyroid problems.


Do not do this mudra while eating and strolling.

Join the tips of ring finger and thumb and keep the remaining three fingers straight, this makes Prthvi Mudra .
Regular practice of this mudra cures weakness of the body, leanness (underweight), and obesity etc. This mudra improves digestive power, develops vitality and sattvic qualities, and removes the deficiency of vitamins. It makes the body active, bright and glowing.

This Mudra is made by touching the tips of the little finger, the ring finger and the thumb. The remaining two fingers should be kept straight.
This Mudra enables awakening of prana shakti lying dormant, and the body becomes active, healthy and energetic. It cures eye problems and improves the eyesight. It enhances body’s immunity to diseases, removes the deficiency of vitamins, and removes fatigue as also rejuvenates the body. Due to this there is no problem of hunger and thirst during long hours of fasting. In case of insomnia, it provides benefits if done in conjunction with Jnana mudra.

Performing Apana mudra and Vayu Mudra together is known as Apana-vayu mudra. The little finger remains straight.
It cures heart and Vata-dosa related problems and makes the body healthier. Those who are suffering from a weak heart should practice it daily. In the event of a heart attack, performing this mudra gives relief. It releases any gas accumulated in the stomach. It is beneficial in headache, asthma and high blood pressure. Performing this mudra 5-7 minutes before climbing up the stairs provides comfort.

This Mudra is made by touching the tips of the thumb, the ring finger and the middle finger and keeping the remaining two fingers straight.
Any foreign matter in the body gets thrown out and the body is purified. Practicing this Mudra cures constipation, piles, vata-dosa, diabetes, obstructions in passing urine, problems related to the kidneys, teeth troubles, etc. it is a beneficial mudra for the stomach. It helps in heart related problems and causes perspiration.


This mudra is diuretic.

Touch the little finger with the thumb.

This mudra removes dryness of the body and makes the skin soft and shinning. It cures skin diseases, blood disorders, pimples, and diseases arising out of deficiency of the water element. It makes the face beautiful. 


People having kapha prakrti (constitution) should not practice it in excess.

Interlock the fingers as shown in the picture and keep the thumb of the left hand upright. 
This mudra increases heat in the body. It is beneficial in cold-catarrh, asthma- cough, sinusitis, paralysis, and low blood pressure. This dries the phlegm.


While practicing it consume plenty of water, fruit, fruit juices, ghee and milk. Do not practice this for unduly long duration.

Keep the tip of the ring finger at the root of the thumb and press it with the thumb.
This mudra balances the body, reduces weight and obesity and increases heat in the body, which helps in proper digestion. It reduces stress, enhancement in body strength, and reduction of cholesterol content in the blood. Practicing this mudra cures diabetes and liver problems.


This mudra should not be performed by a weak person. Do not perform it for longer periods during summer time.


This mudra enables us to retain our breath in the lungs for a longer time. When you do puraka (inhaling), then press the first part (upper most portion) of the thumb with the tip of the index finger. This helps in performing internal kumbhaka for a longer time. If you press the middle portion of the thumb then kumbhaka can be done for still longer time. In case the root of the thumb (part-3) is similarly pressed then kumbhaka can be done for a very long time, easily.

More prana vayu is available by retaining the breath in the lungs for a longer time, blood and body will become stronger and the total amount of air breathed in and exhaled during the whole day can be reduced to a large extent, which increases longevity.