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Motto - Mission of Yug Shakti Ashram / Dham

'For one's own liberation, and for the welfare of the world'.

Yug Shakti Dham/Ashram

Mission of Yug Shakti Dham/Ashram
"The Mission is to "Establish learning centers wherein it will be the prime objective to foster education based on modern scientific learning; to promote a healthy mind and a vibrant body enabling facilitation of spiritual development to rejuvenate latent noble virtues in people particularly in children so that their lives optiomize the values of beauty, dedication, and rationalism thereby rendering harmony friendship, brotherhood, peace and prosperity to the world." ---- Mission Statement


Guruji’s mission is to develop centers at needy places particularly on highways/state highways in every 100kms range with a common frame work. The centers will be built up, managed and controlled territorially such that Yugshakti can conveniently reach at every point of our country particularly villages and remote areas.

  • Mission will provide free of cost medicines to poor people with mobile dispensaries running across the country. Some mobile Operation Theatres will be developed for remote areas where such facilities are not properly furnished by the government and other agencies.
  • A series of programs will be conducted in different formats to bring about medical/hygiene related awareness. Health check-ups, eye camps and other such activities will be organized by Yugshakti Dham particularly in distant areas. Nursing and medical colleges will also be opened.
  • Major thurst on employment will be given to the villages and remote areas.
  • Human resource development will get major precedence. This development will be done at multi dimensional level so that the employees get the opportunities as per their aptitude.
  • Social, cultural, commercial and professional awarness will be evolved so that everyone can get optimum utilization of potentials.
  • Agro based industries will be promoted highly by the mission. This will help our country farmers in many ways i.e. technical, financial, infrastructural aids, etc.
  • Yug shakti Vahini will be established in which youth power will be organized to render voluntary services for the benevolence and philanthropic services to the mankind and eliminate the rampant corruption from our society and organizations.
  • Science and technology will be given priority through our mission in villages and remote areas.
  • Yugshakti will revive our ancient Gurukul system so that real vedic science can be researched for developments of humanity.