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The main aim in the life of an individual is the upliftment of himself as well as others. Each human being is gifted with enormous moral and spiritual potential. The only thing he has to do is work towards the discovery and development of that potential. We shouldn’t believe in the superiority of a particular religion, nor does it prescribe the necessity of shastras (religious texts) and anushthana (rites and rituals).

Indian spirituality is all about showing respect to all living beings-animals trees, rocks and even water and lead a positive and healthy life. It is believed that the supreme Creator has put each one of us in this world for a purpose and that purpose is to be compassionate, caring and loving to one-another. As mentioned earlier, the great Indian spiritual personalities and gurus have played an important role in spreading the message of love, care and the need for positive living all over the world.


What is the Art of Living?
Art of living is all about leading a normal and enjoyable life, amidst all the tensions and stresses that inundate living today. It is more of a technique through which we learn to eliminate strains and worries and increase happiness and joy in our life. The concept of art of living has become so popular that it is being adopted at the corporate level also. Organizations are using it to help their executives in dealing with high levels of stress.


The Technique of the Art of Living
The main technique behind the art of living concept is the Sudarshan Kriya. The basic course is based on this Kriya only and the other courses also derive from it. As per this technique, the main reason behind lethargy, inefficiency, ill health and sickness are the toxins, which accumulate in our system at a cellular level. Sudarshan Kriya aims at removing the toxins from the body, by oxygenating and revitalizing these cells. This leads to a balance in the physical, emotional and mental states and brings satisfaction in life.

What is Ashtanga Yoga?
Ashtanga Yoga is more than just a physical discipline. It is a way of life or rather a path to calm mind and pure soul. It is the harmonization of the breath with a series of postures that detoxify muscles and organs. Astanga Yoga involves a certain number of steps, through which a person attains a light and strong body as well as the composure that all of us so desperately desire.


The Technique - The Sequence of the Six
The curriculum of the Astanga Yoga Institute consists of six standardized and graded routines. They range from introductory challenging formats to the ending sequences. Students have not yet mastered the ending sequences, comprising of the realization of the self or Enlightenment. However, the Astang Yoga methods taught by K. Pattabhi Jois do bring one quite close to the threshold of heaven and Enlightenment. The following steps are followed under the Ashtang Yoga taught at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute…

  • The first step involves a detoxification of the physical body.
  • The intermediate series, which come next, work to build up the energy level of an individual. The 'nadis' or nerve routes are build up and the 'prana' or the life force is regulated. All this is achieved through the linkages of the seven chakras in the body.
  • The four levels that follow are known as the advanced series. They aim at drawing the subtle energy up the 'sushman nadi' or the central energy channel, from the 'muladhara' or root 'cakra', through to the 'sahasra' or crown 'cakra'. This psychophysical process comes to an end when biological processes start producing phenomenal changes in our consciousness.
  • What follows is the state of samadhi or trans-consciousness.