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Donation - Yug Shakti Dham Gaushala!


गौमाता से नाता जोड़ो-
पूर्वजों की स्मृति में , स्वजनों के जन्म अथवा पुण्यतिथि पर
गौशाला दर्शन करें , गौ को मातृभाव से स्पर्श करें , गौ सेवा करें।


Guru Sri Shivyogi Yuktanand Ji Maharaj has a primary concern to protect and dignify the sacred cows whose presence is always supremely pleasing to Lord Sri Hari Krishna. Everything that the cow produces is for the beneficial for mankind and yet this all-giving animal is ignored, abused and exploited in modern society. Through the functioning gaoshala, we will be able to educate people about the value of the gentle, generous cow and the importance of oxen in farming.

guru ji


  • To provide clean, hygienic and safe shelter for Cows and their calves.
  • To provide medical assistance for unwell and ill Cows.
  • To provide special care and attention to physically weak Cows and their calves.
  • To educate the members of Gaushala and other people about the breeding of cows and to educate them.
  • To aware the people about the importance of cows in our culture and how they important for mankind.
  • To work with the government to help prevent and stop slaughter of cows.
  • To reduce and eliminate adulteration in daily use dairy products like milk, ghee (butter), etc.

cow is mother


  • The members of Gaushala will get the benefits of doing Gau Seva, Gau Daan and it will account for the good deeds.
  • Members will be given Milk and pure butter (ghee) depending upon the number of cows donated.
  • Monthly member meetings will be held so that the members get a chance to meet and interact with the fellow members and increase the networking.
  • This trust has obtained the 80G certificate from the Income Tax Department and the members can benefit from the tax exemption on the donations to the trust.
  • Members and others will benefit from pure and unadulterated daily use daily products.
  • Members and others will also benefit from various products made of Gau Mutra (Cow urine) and Cow dung.

The cow is considered as a Godess in Hindu religion. Keeping this concept in mind, we  maintains a Gaushala  named “Yug Shakti Dham Gaushala!.” The donation money is utilized for the maintenance of the Gaushala and the sacred cows.

The devotee desirous to donate for this noble cause can donate in form of crossed Cheque  and DD drawn in favour of Yug Shakti Dham Trust, Noida U.P. For Direct Transfer into our Bank account & for online donors our Bank Account Details are given below. Our trust also registered in Income Tax Act U/s 80G. Of course, any amount you wish to donate will be accepted with thanks and gratitude.

However if you wish to donate, then please read the tariff given below:-

Kindly note that the minimum acceptable money for the donation is Rs.500/-.

1. Gau Niwas (Shade)    ->                Rs. 6,00,000/-

2. Gau Grass (Cow Food)

-> Monthly                    ->                   Rs.  600/-

-> Yearly                                             Rs.   6,000/-

3. Gau Palak

-> Monthly                                           Rs. 600/-

-> Yearly                                              Rs. 6,000/-

4. Gau Seva   Yatha Shakti

Devotees desirous to donate for this noble cause please contact :-

Yug Shakti Dham

Gurudev Shree Shivyogi Yuktanandji Maharaj

Address :- G-219 B/H Sector 44, Mahamaya College Noida, Uttar Pradesh India 201301


To avoid processing fees, you can donate by check payable to Yug Shakti Dham at:
A/c Title - Yug Shakti Dham
A/c No. 913020052999515
Ifsc/Rtgs code- UTIB0000361
Bank - Axis Bank Ltd
Branch- K 21 & 22, Sector -18, Noida - 201301 UP
Your Donation will be consider Government rules at 80-G (Income Tax Free)

1.) After giving donation please inform us on numbers (+919718673999) and email us the donor's address, with full name and contact details on " info@yugshaktiashram.org " for confirmation.
2.)  please contact SHRI SHRI SHIVYOGI YUKTANAND JI MAHARAJ , President of Gaushala. Mob: +919718673999