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Brief Introduction Of His Holiness

"Early Life" - Born in North India Guruji completed higher education there . In The meantime he met many eminent spiritual leaders, who inspired and led his life & vision towards universal truth and supernatural power. Thus, he could enlighten himself for the whole mankind.

For the deep thinking and study of real spiritual values he moved to holy places of Himalayas where he got Spiritual Empowerment. He studied the real values of the great“YOGA”,“VEDANTA”, “THE HOLY BIBLE”,“KURAN” and many more valuable and holy epic & Literature of all religions. This made his vision broad for the entire mankind and one supernatural existence in the universe.

His vision and deep thinking came in action, using the power of God and helping disciples to cope up with the dilemma of life and serve mankind. His entire aim is to provide exemplary services for spiritual, social, economical and physical growth of the entire mankind. He strongly believes that we all are co-related to each other as per the rules of co-relativity by the great scientist Sir Albert Einstein.The whole universe is being operated by one and only one supernatural power. Let’s make one belief, one family and one vision for the peace, progress and wealth of the world. In short he is a spiritual scientist with universal vision for human values, social standard and economic growth.

He also believes that we need progress and growth with Peace and real Social Values. Universal religion is the basic power we need everywhere. Service to the mankind is worship to the God. Let us Unite for one vision and one worldwide family.The world needs some one who sacrifices himself for the world. Let’s make the experience to realize the eternal truth from our soul to supernatural power. Let’s make a vision for his mission of global family, global environment and global business where everyone can realize real peace in mind.

He decided to formalize his spiritual work, by opening an Ashram / Dham using the power of God and help disciples to cope up with the dilemma of life and serve mankind.

Presently, Guruji is residing at Ahmedabad and regularly upcoming with the Spiritual Work for mankind with meditation camp/spiritual lectures/satsang and perusing  Non Profitable NGOs. He has now formed a Spiritual Club worldwide under the Name of “YUGSHAKTI SPIRITUAL CLUB”.

"आत्मा को परमात्मा की अनुभूति"
"मनुष्य  की  ईश्वर भाव  से सेवा" ..............

Serve man as God. Spiritual power is life, meditate to be embosomed with super power. Super Power unites with almighty and, enlightened one can awake the society. This is the ultimate aim of Guruji.


Guruji's Vision

"A Spiritual Powerhouse, Meditation in traquel serenity , Pure Pious environment, four tier meditation system, enlightenment of Individual and society, service to mankind and global family."

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